For the Book: Be Your Own Healer: Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch

Yesterday I saw a patient, a 65 year old man with chronic narcotic dependent pain for many years. He’s fallen off roofs and ladders, had any number of laboring mishaps and been disabled by them. I’ve made “house calls” to see him in his car in our clinic parking lot to offer TT because he couldn’t manage to come
into the clinic due to pain. 

At this “house call” he handed me his narcotic prescriptions, written in June which he never filled!! Instead he’s been reading your book, Be Your Own Healer: Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch, and using the self-help techniques to help himself!!!
Next he’s going to quit smoking. 

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. But his intermittent experience with TT over the years and the relief it brought plus your empowering book was
just the ticket for him. I get to stand back and cheer!!
Pat Cole, M.D., Montana, USA


This is a delightful and engaging guide to learn TT for Self-Care. Packed with straight forward instructions, diagrams, links to videos and meditations; it is an easy to follow book for beginners and a refresher for those experienced with TT.
Thanks to the authors! P.P. Toronto


Hooray! This is a great way to spread the news about self-healing to the world. Thank you, Crystal and Alison, for putting your time and effort into making TT for self-care so accessible and appealing.

This book is a brilliant way to help people learn TT and very much in line with Dora Kunz’s wish to have a healer in every family. The book and accompanying videos facilitate the quick spread of this information through clear and concise language. Crystal and Alison have helped us to understand that we are energy beings. Once we understand that, TT is no longer a miracle or wishful thinking, but instead, a way of supporting the natural laws of nature.
Sheila Camp, Recognized Teacher, Calgary, Alberta


Alison & Crystal have created a tool to offer opportunities for wellness for the young and old and everyone in between.  Whether a teen struggling with anxiety
or an aging senior coping with increasing discomfort or life changes,
this powerful resource takes them one step closer to effective self-care.
Deborah Gould RN Recognized Teacher, TTNO


This book is a must read for students, practitioners and the lay public. Crystal Hawk and Alison Cooke have done an amazing job of capturing the essence of Therapeutic Touch in a way that can be easily understood and applied. The book clearly describes the key concepts useful for both experienced and those new to TT. The accompanying U-Tube videos help to concretize the healing process and to build confidence in the viewer. Thank you for all your hard efforts in writing this book and making this important healing modality accessible to all. Marg Budd, Cobble Hill, B.C.


My Mom told me there were skilled people who could heal many people
in the ancient Chinese villages where there was no medicine. Now I can link those images to Therapeutic Touch. This book is very practical. In this book we are told we could be our own healers. Bang! It seems unbelievable,
but there are so many testimonials, and our own experiences
convince us we can make our own miracles. How encouraging! I’m very happy to have found this book about Therapeutic Touch for self-care. L.L, Toronto

For the Program: Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch

My goal in attending Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch was to explore ways of finding some relief for chronic lower back and hip pain. As I progress, I am feeling a greater sense of calm and increased comfort when I focus on harnessing the energy and clearing and organizing the fields in my body. I look forward to becoming more confident as I understand better the impact my intentions can have. S.E., Toronto


When I first started to learn Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care, I was in a great deal of pain. I could not use my left arm because it was hard for me to lift it without pain. I also couldn’t reach my left shoulder with my right hand to clear the energy. In the beginning, I learned to clear at my wrist and over time, I could do more. Three months after starting Therapeutic Touch, I noticed I had less pain. After more than a year of TT, I can now lift my left arm up. I can also reach my left shoulder with my right hand. TT helps me to relax. I am very grateful for learning TT because it has helped me become my own self-healer. Gwen Hewitt, Toronto

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