Be Your Own Healer:
Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch

Finally, a well-written and easy-to-read book that tells you how to use a widely researched and
well-respected healing modality for your own self-care!!  With years of practicing and teaching this modality behind them, the authors teach readers step by step to remove their aches and pains, deal with reducing stress,
be able to sleep more easily, and to generally feel better.

TT for Self-Care can be used in your everyday life – in your home, at work, in school or at the beach. It can also be useful while in hospital as a compliment to any medical care. Here’s your opportunity to learn to wake up your “inner self”
so you can teach yourself to be your own healer. 

And the bonus is that you can see all the exercises and listen to the imageries on YouTube on our own special YouTube channel. Anyone who can read English and has a desire to help themselves
can benefit from this amazing book.

As one person who’s studied Self-Care with TT said: “There are so many mysteries beyond our physical world,
but the ability to heal yourself doesn’t have to be one of them”.

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