Here are just a few of the things said by those who have used the program:

“If the Program had cost a thousand dollars I would not have hesitated to be on it knowing the results.” Special Education Teacher

“Since the Program I’ve had no headaches. I can now stop a headache In the initial stages and can “calm” myself down more readily”. – Senior Policy Advisor, Provincial Government.

“I now have the ability to avert a full-scale migraine and confidence that my daily life will not be as disrupted my migraine as before.” Teacher

“I have had no headaches at all and sleep soundly at night time as I do the program for the last time while lying in bed at night. The Program has helped me “slow down” and take time for myself, important time, I’ve learned to relax totally and as a result have eliminated tension headaches as well. “ Bank Teller

“Although the migraines have not yet completely disappeared they are less intense and I find they are more controllable.” Homemaker

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