Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch

The self-care program that Crystal developed at Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto is different from the regular practitioner workshops provided by recognized TT organizations. TT for Self-Care teaches people to give themselves TT. From the beginning Crystal realized that they didn’t need to learn to assess the field. They already knew what was wrong with themselves. That made everything a lot simpler and easier to teach and to do.

Our book, Be Your Own Healer: Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch and our TT for Self-Care programs teach you how to use the techniques of TT for your own good health. You’ll learn about centering yourself, and clearing your field, and you’ll be reminded to rest after each treatment so that your field can remain in its new harmonious state. The actual healing is always an inner process of the person being healed – and that’s YOU. TT gives your system a jump-start, helping you to mobilize your system so that you can do this healing for yourself. It’s like waking up your “inner self” so you can teach yourself to be your own healer.

It is very important to note that TT is a healing modality and not a curing modality. They’re very different. One must use common sense. For serious illnesses, we all must go to our doctors and follow instructions. TT for Self-Care can be used while in the hospital or at any time as a complement to your medical plan. It is useful to help you to manage everyday aches and pains that we all tend to ignore and just carry on. You can do better than that! With the techniques we teach you in our book and classes you learn to manage pain, anxiety and stress, to improve sleep patterns, and to feel better. You will feel empowered as you take more control of how you feel!

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