EFT is an exciting and revolutionary approach to rapid and lasting resolution of many psychological and emotional disturbances. It fits under the umbrella of the growing field of Energy Psychology.Crystal has been a psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto for over 40 years. Her own clinical experience with EFT has been that over 90% of her clients are, in a very short time, by their own report, relieved of one or more of their presenting problems.

She has helped clients eliminate specific fears related to flying, riding in elevators, public speaking, fear of various animals and insects and the necessity of facing particular medical and dental interventions. Several of her clients immediately helped themselves to overcome depression from loss and past sexual abuse, worry about various illnesses and debilitating emotions from unfulfilled relationships. EFT is effective in eliminating long-lasting anger and rage, often resulting in the immediate reduction of various physical pains. It’s also excellent for helping with addictive cravings and traumatic memories.

Clients are constantly amazed at the speed with which these changes occur, the ease with which they learn to use EFT and the permanence of the relief.

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